Co-Production at the Core of Wakefield’s Service

A new Community of Practice for Wakefield

For colleagues in Wakefield there is widespread acceptance that local people have a vital role to play in shaping services; often called co-production. At Miova, we really embrace and champion co-production and the powerful role this plays. In Wakefield, the aim was to establish a sustainable approach where co-production is at the heart of how Wakefield services work with communities. 

The Wakefield Co-production Steering Group contracted Miova to develop training and further build awareness of co-production. A key part of our approach was to establish a Community of Practice (CoP) for co-production.  

A CoP is a network of like-minded people who come together to learn, collaborate and support each other around a specific theme, in this case Co-Production in Wakefield. Sustainable CoP help people to build strong relationships, learn together, and implement good practice collaboratively. They can also be a productive mechanism for building collective momentum around the things that are important to us. 

Miova have orchestrated a series of engaging workshops seeking to establish and develop this CoP across Wakefield. They have brought together local people with lived experience of engaging with and shaping services, and a diverse range of partners. Participants have come together to share, learn, discuss and take away actions for their own services/organisations. The actions shared have been incredibly meaningful, including 

“Will organise a Review Plan for a current service – using co-production to help frame the review” 

“Continue to promote co-production in commissioning and work on how we evidence this” 

“Connect others into my health and social care world and hear their voices” 

Our work in Wakefield continues, as we plan the next workshops and a 2024 conference. Wakefield’s driven mindset of co-production across service design, delivery and evaluation, is really energetic and impactful. We will share more as this story unfolds.  


More of our work

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