Effective Collaboration Within the Leisure Sector

Collaborative meeting discussion as a team

Can the ‘sector’ adopt an ‘abundance mentality’ and collaborate effectively? 

Does the ‘leisure sector’ believe it can be part of the ‘health system’ and contribute to improving the health of the population? In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey seven behaviours that mark out effective people are identified. Underpinning the whole book is a narrative that a person needs to believe that there are enough resources and successes to share with others. It is the belief change – not the resultant behaviours – that brings success; the behaviours are a natural consequence of the change in belief. 

‘We’ are obviously not a single person. We aren’t even a single entity. But I would suggest that we can have a shared sense of purpose underpinned by this belief that there are enough potential customers to go around! Let’s face it: we only tap into about 15% of the market currently. And at a ukactive membership council meeting that I attended recently it was encouraging to hear the positivity from all elements of the sector towards this shared purpose. 

With a few reservations and challenges identified. But the beginnings of a shared purpose based on a belief that fosters collaboration rather than competition; abundance rather than scarcity and a generosity of spirit rather than an ego centric approach.

Andy King

Director, Miova